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sdc - a small debian (docker) container with ssh preinstalled

httpd - quickstart guide for installing the apache webserver on CentOS 7

nginx - quickstart gudie for installing the nginx webserver on CentOS 8

REST - create a simple REST server with NodeJS and express

python3 vs nodejs - small comparison between file io between Python3 and NodeJS

systemd autorestart - how to make your program automatically restart with systemd

fakku's content protection - how a business protects their publicly available assets

anticheats - an analysis of "modern anti cheat" written for Gmod's LUA engine

gitea - host your own git with web support

droppy - host your own minimalistic fileserver with a webserver

mybb - host your own forum

cl_cheats - a bad LUA anticheat for gmod

Linux Initial Setup - My setup for a new linux server

Kanboard - host your own Kanbanboard easily

CORS - how to bypass cross-origin restrictions

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