A minimalistic picture-gallery-viewer powered by jQuery

Live version: selector.html

I once was looking for a minimalistic picture viewer for my website, but after not finding exactly what I want i wrote my own. At first I wanted to host a few Manga on my Website, but after thinking about the legal problems I could face I scrapped that idea.

The jQuery script gets every picture of a folder on the server and creates an array of them. Everytime you click on the picture (or press the spacebar/right-arrow), the script changes the source of the image tag, creating an easy-to-use gallery which fits easily in every website.
The Script takes files and folders dynamically, which means you can easily add more folders and images without needing to adjust anything. The chapters can be selected at the bottom left of the page.

You have to enable the "Index" option on your webserver for it to work. You also have to remove any index file from the folder where the Galleries reside, because the jQuery script works with the index-listing of your webserver, which only works if no index file is present.
This is also the reason why this page is not an index.html
There are 2 versions of this project: One with a "Selector", which is the live version above, and another one that's just named "reader".
The selector lets you select a 'Manga' you want to read, while the reader only lets you read the 'Manga' you selected (wrote in the script).

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the pictures in the live version, the Mangas used there are only examples to show the usage of this page.
Credits for Itoshi No Karin: Inko Horiizumi, Credits for Horimiya: Daisuke Hagiwara and HERO.

Project can be downloaded here.