DarkRP Shenanigans

Fun things you can do in DarkRP

Imported from my github


Execute these commands in your console to bind something to a key.  

An example that lets you suicide by pressing k:  
bind "k" "kill"

To spawn props via a keybind:  
bind "b" "gm_spawn models/props_phx/construct/metal_dome360.mdl"

To dance via a keybind:  
bind "l" "_darkrp_doanimation 1617"

To drop a weapon / put it in your inventory:  
bind "h" "say /invholster"
bind "p" "say /drop"

To remove all your spawned props and co.:  
bind "v" "gmod_cleanup"

Open your console with . :
bind "." "toggleconsole"

All my comands commands:  

bind "b" "gm_spawn models/props_phx/construct/metal_dome360.mdl"
bind "c" "+menu_context"
bind "g" "+menu"
bind "h" "say /invholster"
bind "i" "gm_spawn models/props_phx/misc/bunker01.mdl"
bind "j" "ulx menu"
bind "k" "kill"
bind "n" "gm_spawn models/xqm/jetbody3_s5.mdl"
bind "o" "stopsound"
bind "p" "say /drop"
bind "v" "gmod_cleanup"
bind "x" "+zoom"
bind "," "say /advert"
bind "." "toggleconsole"
bind "MOUSE4" "+voicerecord"
bind "MOUSE5" "+menu"

Making your hitbox unknown

If you dance you are stuck in an animation. Sexy Dance, for example, moves your head a lot. The head you see is not the actual hitbox, the dance is just an animation. If you dance and then duck, it looks like you are standing but your head hitbox is actually inside your stomach. A bind to always dance when you press W: bind w "+forward; _darkrp_doanimation 1617"


You can modify your physgun to be really fast and rotate really fast. Console Commands: physgun_rotation_sensitivity 50 physgun_wheelspeed 50000 physgun_timetoarrive 0 physgun_timetoarriveragdoll 0 physgun_drawbeams 0 You can also set the color of your physgun to invisible. Take one of the following console commands: cl_weaponcolor 00006.76543 000000000.44444444447747474 -0400404848.76542 cl_weaponcolor -9383378.654 -000.9387737 0000.384774


With the camera weapon you can see through thin walls and around corners. Simply hold right click and drag your mouse backwards until you reach "max fov". Now, if you look downwards, you can see through your surrounding walls and around corners. You can also spam the camera without taking screenshots. Simply enter the following console command to disable the camera from taking screenshots: alias jpeg ""

Troll RP Names

There are a lot of troll names. These are only a few: Mike Hunt Mike Hawk Mike Litoris Mike Oxbig Mike Coxlong Hugh Jass Hugh G. Rection Ben Dover Moe Lester Suq Maddiq


Try to use admin toolguns like "zero's retrominer ore spawner" or "blacklist and remove". These toolguns are sometimes not banned for normal users. A very loud tool is the "Emitter". Take the second last sound (water surface explosion), set the delay to the lowest and scale to the highest. Tick the "Toggle" and "Start On" boxes and use the toolgun. Warning: Very very loud. The balloon toolgun can be used to kill players. Set the force to max., distance to max. and spawn it beneath someone's feet. The force of the balloon will hurt the player and launch him upwards, killing him after the fall. The "light" toolgun spawns small bulbs that emit light around them. If you spam them the light effect sometimes get's stuck, even if you remove all your lightbulbs. With the "Precision" Toolgun you can move props through walls. At the bottom of the Precision Toolgun options click on "General Tool Options" and set the User Level to experimental. Close the General Tool Options. Now at the top select "Apply" and untick everything except "Only Collide With Player". If you now shoot a prop of yours it will fall through the floor and map. You can use this to troll other players if the server has Sit Anywhere Script installed: Let other people sit on your prop (a couch for example) and then shoot it with the precision toolgun. The prop will fall through the floor with the player still sitting on it. The player who sat on it is now stuck beneath the map.

Sit Anywhere Script

You can move through props with the Sit Anywhere Script. Get a friend who shares props with you via Falcos Prop Protection (FPP). Sit on the prop and let him lift up the prop. With an active prop protection addon like apg the prop will become invisible and collision-less. Your friend can now move your prop, with you on it, through other player's props and through doors. This way you can escape jails or break into enemies bases.


Warning: This section does not work if the server has gm_apg installed! A common principle: Circles are quite complex to calculate and so are their collisions. The easiest way to crash a server is to use circle-like props. Simply try to get them stuck inside each other and be happy when the server starts lagging because of 3 props colliding with each other. The easiest way to crash a server is to sit in a room and slowly spawn props until the room is full. The collision calculations will slow down the server until he can't keep up. The more professional way to crash a server is to use Fading Doors. Props with an active fading door don't have collision. Set your fading door toolgun to "reversed" and "toggled active". Now spawn circle-like props and use your fading door tool on them. You can then spawn another prop inside the invisible one and also make it a fading door. Do this until you have around 30 fading door'd props inside each other. Then activate your fading door and see how the server instantly looses connection.


Spawn the blue chair (models/props_interiors/Furniture_chair03a.mdl) Freeze it at the ground Take out the stacker toolgun Tick "weld props", "relative to world" and "stack direction" down untick the last 3 boxes at the bottom Spam it slowly, so that the chairs are beneath ground unfreeze the chair at the ground and all the other chairs should go ham