chef's darkrp quality assurance

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This is a kind-of tutorial on how to "test darkrp servers".
It will not explain how to fix these problems, only how to find them.

I see many darkrp servers currently in development.
Many of those servers have the same common problems.
These problems are easy to detect, even as a normal player.
With this guide even you can spot these problems.

Please use an account that does NOT have any workshop addons.
Also clear the download cache of garrys mod before joining.
This helps to spot error models that failed to download.

This will be a list of things you can look out for.
Write down every error you find.
Send it to the staff team when you are finished.
For best effect tell the staff that you are testing.
(or you may be banned soon)

The beginning
of error models and script errors

 - You should NOT have script errors while joining.
 - You should also never have script errors after joining.
 - The map should not contain errors
 - The download while joining shouldn't be too big (max.3GB)
 - The download while joining shouldn't be too many "Collection Addons"
  - If you download "Server's M9k weapons" when joining then it's bad
  - If you download the M9k weapons from the original maker = OK
 - The HUD Should be visible and shouldn't contain any errors.
 - The Scoreboard and F4 Menu should work without any errors.
 - The spawn should be marked as such (example: "This is a no RP zone.")
 - You should spawn in the actual spawn and not somewhere else.
 - You should have keys, a physgun, a physcannon and fists when you spawn
 - There should be a non-default chat (atlaschat, etc.)
 - There should be an ATM system (critzer, blues, etc.)

The information
of lost players and useless chat commands
 - There should be a MOTD (popup) when you spawn with important information
 - You should be able to find the TS-IP / Forum Link / Discord Link if the server has one
  - An easy fix for that: Have commands like !forum, !ts and !discord
 - You should be able to see who is a staff member and who is a regular player
 - You should be able to see who is joining or disconnecting.
 - There should be (atleast) an RP, OOC and Advert chat.
  - Try to use "/advert test". It should write in the [advert] chat.
  - On some servers it will instead spawn a lawboard, which is bad.
 - If the map is big you should be able to find important NPCs quickly
 - You should have enough money to start any job you want and be able to buy the required items
 - Things should make money fast and get the price of the object back quickly
 - Money printers should make money faster then legal "farming" jobs

The jobs
of excuses and long downloads
 - You should see all playermodels without any error models
 - Jobs that are restricted (you can't join them) should be highlighted as such
 - There should be atleast 2 illegal "gangs" and police / military jobs
  - If they don't have a "cook" job then ask if they wanted it like that,
    because the cook is a default job that is only disabled (in disabledDefaults.lua)
 - Every weapon the gun dealer sells should have a non-error model
 - Every job should be able to do (work) what they are supposed to do
  - Test every job if you can buy the required items to do your work
  - Don't forget to check everything if it is an error model
  - Example:
   - There is a "mechanic" (car repair) job with VC Mod and TDM cars installed
   - You should spawn with a wrench
   - You should be able to buy car parts to repair the cars
   - Or you should be able to buy car repair kits
   - These purchases are either in the F4 Menu or at a NPC

 - People should not be able to drop their job weapons!
   - This can lead to people going Police and dropping their pistols
   - This way people can get unlimited pistols easily!
 - If the server has a NLR rule that activates when you switch jobs then
   you should respawn when you switch jobs. Switching jobs without respawning
   only makes the NLR rule more difficult to adhere to.
 - The server shouldn't have too many "donator only" jobs
 - There should be atleast one "legal money farming job"

The crash
of props and spam

 - You should NOT be able to spawn Ragdolls, Dynamite, Emitters and Effects.
 - You should NOT be able to spam props
 - You shouldn't be able to spawn big props
  - If you can, then the server is missing a good prop blacklist
  - Or the server is missing an anti-big-prop-spawn addon
 - The server should have an "Prop Protection" addon
 - To check if they have one:
  - Spawn a prop and lift it up with the physgun
  - if the prop gets lucent (invisible) and loses collision then they have one
 - You should NOT be able to move cars around with props
 - If you freeze (Right Mouse) a prop in a car, it should NOT become solid.
 - A really good "Anti Prop" addon has the following:
  - Props spawn without physics and without collision
  - They never have gravity or physics (less server lag that way)
  - They only become solid when they are frozen with the physgun
  - You shouldn't be able to unfreeze it with the R key
  - They shouldn't have physics when they become solid from a fading door
 - There should be a "FPS Boost" addon or configuration
  - Type "gmod_mcore_test" in the console. It should be 1 (to boost FPS).

The restrictions
of infinite entities and spawn points

 - The server should either have:
  - A prop blacklist (recommended)
  - A prop whitelist
  - An "Anti-Big-Prop-Spawn" addon
  - If you can spawn the big plastic cube then they don't have one
 - Every extra Toolgun (Trash Spawner, Prop Blacklist, etc.) should be superadmin only
  - Check every toolgun if you can use it
 - Extra Toolguns like LED Screens should be usable (non-admin toolguns)

Anti Trolling
with pocket and /invholster

 - The Context menu ( hold C ) should NOT allow players to
  - remove their car
  - deactivate gravity or collision
  - set things on fire
 - The easiest fix would be to disable every feature of the context menu
 - You should NOT be able to mapvote (via ulx) to non "rp_" maps.
 - You should NOT be able to voteban, votegag or votemute someone.
 - You should NOT be able to /invholster job weapons (like the cops' pistol or stungun)
 - You should NOT be able to put world entities in your inventory (like job entities)

 - If you have the "Pocket" weapon on the server:
  - You should NOT be able to pocket 3D2D Textscreens
  - You should NOT be able to pocket Fuel Stations or tank canisters
  - You should NOT be able to pocket NPCs, Cars, ATMs or Permaprops
 - If you have the "Toolgun" on the server:
  - You should NOT be able to use the Toolgun on entities that belong to other players
  - You should NOT be able to use toolguns like "Prop Blacklist" or "Trash Spawner"
  - You should NOT be able to use the following functions:
   - Wheel, Weld, Thruster, Lamps, Balloons,

The other things

 - The server should have an AFK system. Try /afk for the default DarkRP AFK.
 - The server should NOT allow custom scripts.
  - Type "lua_openscript_cl" in the console. 
  - If you press space afterwards and auto-completion pops up then it is enabled.
 - If you know LUA, try to analyze custom scripts written by the server owner.
 - Check for superadmin checks