Free and selfmade DarkRP addons for everyone!

This is a collection of my DarkRP addons. You are free to use them and redistribute them, but please don't delete the "Made by" annotations and other credits in my addons!

They were made to be simple and minimalistic, which means they are optimized and don't lag the server or player in any way.

Lucid Chat

A simple chatbox that replaces the default one. It has a "tab-switch" feature, where, if you press tab, you can switch between the multiple chat modes that DarkRP has. (OOC, Advert, Console, Normal chat)


Lucid HUD

An elegant-hud inspired and optimized HUD. Features a weapon display on the bottom right, hunger system support and police agenda support in the top left. Optimized for performance and simplicity.


Lucid Scoreboard

An elegant-scoreboard inspired scoreboard. Features right-click ULX support, an easy to use config and optimized code for FPS. It's a single file without any server connection, which also means it's exploit free.


Lucid Log v3

A simple and easy to use Logging System. It is a lightweight alternative to blogs/gmodadminsuite. Features category filtering, player filtering and a non-complicated way to install (drag,drop,done). Version 3 now has support to load gmodadminsuite logging modules from addons who have them!


Lucid Propblacklist

A handpicked 1000+ props blacklist. Contains Gmod, HL2 and CSS props that are either too big or have a broken hitbox. This disables players from spawning weird props by adding them into the FPP blocked models list.


Luctus Research

Made for SCPRP. A simple researcher system where people can write papers for their tests with SCPs and publish them for others to read.


Lucid Chocolate Maker

A simple and legal money making job. Buy a stove and milk via the F4 menu, wait until the chocolate bar is done and sell it to the NPC.


Luctus Jobranks

(Same as jobranksystem) Enables jobs to have ranks inside them. Every configured job can have multiple sub-jobs like "Rekrut", "Private" and so on. Job will then be "[R] Police" for example, showing the job rank for everyone.


Luctus F4menu

A dark-themed and simple F4 menu. Nothing special, but better than the default F4 menu in some peoples opinion. Inspiration was taken from the now taken down "essential F4 menu".


Lucid Namechange

Automatic popup to change your name when you first join a server. This needs /rpname enabled or it won't work! It only works if the player has never joined your server before!


Lucid Warn

Warning system that kicks / bans player after a number of active warns. Use right-click on players / warns to interact with them. Inspired by freewarn2.


Lucid Radio

Simple ingame walkie-talkie. Optimized and doesn't lag the server. Select a frequency and hear everyone who is talking on that frequency. If you have the walkie-talkie in hand then everyone can hear you speak, else you hear them only.


Lucid Whitelist

Whitelist other people for specific jobs. Either whitelist a job for everyone or for single players only. (dev note: This works by adding a customcheck for each job, both the job-defined customcheck and the whitelist one have to be true for the player to select this job)


Luctus Technician

A darkrp-city-worker-like addon. A job (technician) has to go around the city and fix various heaters or other entites that are "broken" by holding E. Broken objects will create sparks but only the technician can see the status above the object.


Luctus Medic

A minimalistic medic system. If you die you have to wait 60s until you can respawn. The deathscreen can be customized. Medics get a defibrillator and can revive players on the spot they died on.


Luctus Emote

Multiple emotes in one menu, accessible via a weapon. Rightclick to select emote, leftclick to "use it". It will stay on while walking but not while running.


Luctus NLR

Very minimalistic "New-Life-Rule" addon. If you die it creates a sphere, if you enter it you loose your weapons.


Luctus Safezones

Create Safezones with a custom weapon. Minimalistic but enough for creating a "spawn savezone" on specific maps.


Luctus Doorhud

A custom display for who owns a door. Works independent of any HUD addon.


Lucid FPS Boost

A custom display for who owns a door. Works independent of any HUD addon.


Lucid Anticheat

Simple and minimalistic anticheat. Works similar to the ones you can buy but this one is free! The image is a screenshot from SAC and how it doesn't work. (This one works though)


Smaller Scripts

These are only scripts which don't deserve their own addon.
To install these simply move them to the appropriate folder:
- Move files that start with cl_ to garrysmod/lua/autorun/client
- Move files that start with sv_ to garrysmod/lua/autorun/server
- Move files that start with sh_ to garrysmod/lua/autorun

sv_modentities_fix.lua - Makes moderators able to spawn entities

cl_spawnmenu_hide.lua - Makes the spawnmenu and contextmenu (Q- and C-Menu) not usable for normal players

sv_modweapons_fix.lua - Makes moderators able to spawn weapons

sv_onlyadminspawnprops.lua - Makes ONLY team members (admin, moderator, etc.) able to spawn props. For this to work you have to disable propspawning (set to false) in darkrpmodifications settings.lua!

sh_advert.lua - The /advert chat in a single and readable file.

sv_adv_dup_2_fix.lua - Fixes the crash exploit with advanced duplicator 2

sv_anti_bhop.lua - Makes bunnyhopping not work anymore

sv_thirdperson_fix.lua - Fixes the simple thirdperson wallhack exploit

Fixed Addons

These addons are NOT MADE BY ME!!!
They are fixed, optimized and then re-released by me. I did neither have the idea nor written the code for these addons. They belong to their respective owner!

TheCodingBeast's F4 Menu

This addon was made by TheCodingBeast. I packaged it into a usable addon-folder format and fixed the F4 key sometimes not working. This F4 menu is simple and doesn't feature job categories (!), which means it lists all jobs in a single list.


KiwontaTv's KShop

This addon was made by KiwontaTv. I fixed the big net exploit it had and re-uploaded it after asking him for permission first. This addon allows admins to place shops that sell entites, weapons, health and armor to players. The shop model can be set to anything they want.