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This "guide" is for people who just want to setup a simple TTT server.
Most of these addons are "kinda necessary" for TTT.
To use this guide you need an already setup Gmod TTT server.

TODO: Add a compiled mega-addon of all these small addons.

These are "must have" addons that nearly every server has.
Ofcourse this is a kind-of subjective list, but these only enhance the TTT experience.
The download links to these addons will be in the brackets.
Either subscribe to the addon or if it's a github link simply download and add it to your addons folder.
WARNING: every addon-folder name has to begin with a lowercase letter after extracting it.
Good: garrysmod/addons/easychat
Bad: garrysmod/addons/Easychat-master

 - ulib (steam workshop)
 - ulx (steam workshop)
 - ulx_extended  (steam workshop)
 - ulx_ttt (steam workshop)
 - rdm manager  (steam workshop)
 - pointshop (github download)
 - chat  (steam workshop)
 - hud (steam workshop)
 - weapon info (steam workshop)
 - killer info (steam workshop)
 - round info (steam workshop)
 - autopromote (steam workshop)
 - utime (github download)
 - hitnumbers  (steam workshop)
 - mapvote (github download)
 - ttt-weapons-plus (steam workshop)
 - roundalert (steam workshop)
 - scoreboard (steam workshop)

Traitor / Detective weapons:
 - Detective Defibrilator (steam workshop)
 - Golden Deagle (steam workshop)
 - Martyrdom (steam workshop)
 - Beartrap (steam workshop)

Good maps I like:
 - ttt_waterworld (steam workshop)
 - ttt_bb_teenroom_b2 (steam workshop)
 - ttt_minecraft_b5 (steam workshop)
 - ttt_community_bowling (steam workshop)
 - ttt_community_pool_2017 (steam workshop)
 - ttt_fastfood_a6 (steam workshop)
 - ttt_island_2013 (steam workshop)
 - ttt_pelicantown (steam workshop)
 - ttt_lego (steam workshop)

You have to add these maps to a workshop collection.
Then you can set the server up to use that workshop collection.
This way the maps will be automatically downloaded when joining one.
Do NOT let the user download every map upon joining the server.
The user will automatically download the active map from the workshop.
TODO after installing everything:
 - Change the ULX MOTD so that it contains your rules (No RDM, etc.)
 - Change things in the pointshop
 - Maybe change the karma autoban amount and ttt traitor chances
 - Add custom ULX roles
 - If you installed Autopromote: Set autopromote time for ULX ranks

If you installed the Server via LinuxGSM:

 - Change your defaultmap and standard gamemode:
  edit the file ~/lgsm/config-lgsm/gmodserver/common.cfg

Change your servername and maybe add an Loadingscreen URL:

  ~/serverfiles/garrysmod/cfg/gmodserver.cfg (or autoexec.cfg / server.cfg)
    hostname "[LANG] MyGaming TTT | Vanilla"
    sv_loadingurl "https://example.com"

Other Scripts you could write:
 - Drop every weapon on death
 - Disable Innocent Chat
 - Traitor Weapons
 - FPS boost ("gmod_mcore_test 1" in console)