TTT Map Secrets

Made by OverlordAkise and Blobel

TTT Community Pool

Secret Knife
3 Buttons:
 - One in the corner of the basement behind the boxes
 - One in the bottom-right corner of the pool on the ground (blue button)
 - One in the last cabin of the male toilets on the bottom of the cabin-connecting poles

Then you can walk through the first female toilet into the wall and enter the knife room.

TTT Fastfood a6

Key to the door
The key to the door in the gun store is ontop of the library building.
You can jump on another player to boost you onto the rooftop from the gunstore roof.

TTT Rooftops 2016 v1

Revive the zombie
Go into the apartment (the one far away from the construction site)
Grab the dead person on the bed
Drag him into the red laser at the dynamite building
This will revive him into a fast zombie from HL2

Secret Apartment
Go to the catwalk (near the 2 small towers right of the water collector)
On the most bottom floor you can see a broken steel bar. Jump over it to the modern glass building.
Look up and you can see a white sign. Press E on it and the door infront of you will open. In there is a battery on the table.
Take it to the broken elevator in the 2nd apartment building (the one further away from the construction site)
Touch the elevator button with the battery. Now you can call it and head into the secret apartment.

Explode the laser-pool building
Take the dynamite and place it at the white X signs around the building.
1 is at the small traitor-exit, one beneath the stairs to the helicopter landing spot and one is directly on the opposite wall of the building.
Then a traitor can press the button inside the building to blow it up.

Release the Axe
In one of the apartment buildings is an axe behind a glass box.
Either 4 people have to press the button or a traitor has to open the box to get the axe out.
You can then take the axe to the red laser and it will open up the option to make the axe electrified (costs 1 traitor token)
It then kills everything in 2 touches

Spawn a strider
Sacrifice a player in the zombie elevator.
Then, after it reopens with a skull in it, take the dead person from the bedroom in the other apartment and put it beside the skull in the zombie elevator.
Then call the elevator from inside (to close it) and you should see a noficitation in the top right.
Now you have to kill 10 zombies (which respawn) in the apartment buildings. After that the elevator is reopen-able and you can use it to go to another location.
There you can select to either stop the zombie spawn or spawn a strider (orange = strider)

Secret room in the secret apartment
In the corner of the map, opposite of the sniper tower, is a small apartment in the lower part of the building. You can get into it by breaking the windows.
There is a keypad under the table. You can press it and it will vanish after 3 seconds.
Now if you go to the secret apartment the door is openable for 2 traitor credits.
In the room is a vial of "elixir" that "enhances your physical nature".

Get into the skybox
On the sniper tower (the one with the box and the scout ontop) there is a small walkway behind it. On the 2 walkways are 4 windows. On the second-nearest window to the tall building the top right window is breakable. Hit it with your crowbar and press E on the black void that opens up after it breaks.
Now you can jump to the bottom of the construction building and hit an invisible ladder. In the lowest floor is now a bright white light orb. If you touch it you get teleported into the skybox.

Summon UFO
In one of the apartment buildings is a TV with a remote. Get the remote to the laser and touch it. If you now bring it back to the TV it will display a welcome screen. Now you need 3 items: battery,axe,black box.

The axe is in the opposite apartment building. You either need 4 people pressing the button or one traitor opening it for you.
The battery is on the catwalk near the twin towers. Look at the "Secret Elevator" chaptor for more info.
The black box is in the construction site. You can grab it by jumping on the fence and going in from the side.

Now bring all the 3 items to the TV and place them on the  table. Now a button should appear beneath the TV. Press it to summon the UFO.

UFO Salvation Choice
After the UFO stopped moving a box will apear with an axe in it. (ontop of the rooftops, between sniper-tower and pool-building)
Here you can take the axe out and touch the red orbs with it to destroy them.

After you destroyed all red orbs the box starts to glow again. Put the Axe back and you did it.

The whole UFO sequence took me around 10 minutes.

All CD Locations
Tom Sellecks Apartment
In the apartment with the zombie elevator
In the sniper-hotel tower at the top
In the corner of the map in the stone-building down the stairs
Construction Building on the lower floor beneath the ramp going up
On the catwalk to the battery

TTT Minecraftcity v4

Secret cake room
You need to press X torches in the correct order.

The first one is in the Tower in the corner of the city.

The second one is in the boat house on the left after you enter.

The third one is near the gravel in the basement of the main house.

The fourth one is behind a wall of moss stone underneath the ground near the entrance to the city.

The last one is in the big house ontop of the hill. It's the right one infront of the book shelves.

TTT 67th Way v14

Secret Knife Location
For this you need to press a couple of buttons around the map.

The first is in the electricity room. Located in the tunnel opposite of the farm area right behind the door.

The next one is in the pool in the corner closest to the house door.

The third one is in the red small house beside the farming house. Located near the stairs behind a door.

The fourth button is behind the wall on the right after you open the door to the farm area.

The last one is ontop of the farmhouse barn. After pressing the first 4 buttons an invisible ladder will spawn on the back-right side of the barn. Ontop of the barn is a button on the ground.

After you press the last button the door (which is shut closed) on your way to the farm area will open. If you go inside it will teleport you to the secret knife room.

TTT Bikinibottom (v1)

Behind Squidwards house there is a key. You can use this key to unlock Mr.Krabs' secret formula picture-safe. Take the formula and push it against the door of the chum bucket. 

TTT Bowling v5a

Secret Knife

3 Buttons which you need to press.
- The first button is left of the bowling alley. Go into the backstage area from the wooden door and go right. 
  After the first turn you see a silver scaffolding. The button is on the right on the wall, sticking out as a small red box.
- The second button is on the right of the bowling alley. 
  If you enter the double-door into the hallway the second door to the left has it. 
  It's - if you enter the room - on the left side on the back between the 2 piles of boxes on the ground.
- The last button is on the right side of the couch near the game cabinet. 
  Go to the toilets area. There should be a lounge with seats and sofas. To the left is a door with a game cabinet near it.
  On the left of the door, between it and the couch, is a small button on the ground sticking out.
  If you press it it will then appear again after a few seconds. Press the button two times total.

After you pressed all buttons money will spawn. It's located in the room right / behind of the traitor tester on a table on the right behind the door.

Take the money and bring it to the vending machine. The machine is located in the same hallway further down near the entrance door (behind the traitor tester). This will open the vending machine and you can enter.