Description: Counterattacks nearby enemies with Attack while performing Guard.
Counterguard is an Ability that can be used directly after blocking an enemy attack with Block. It briefly attacks everything around you and makes every enemy flinch, which makes it easy to follow up with the rest of your combo hits.


Counterguard has very low damage, but a very high 360° range and quick execution. Without it, Sora will most likely use a dash attack like Slide Dash or Flash Step.
Here 2 .gif for visual comparison. The first one is the beginning of the fight against Roxas.

I used Counterguard as quickly as possible, but Guarding has a few frames where Sora is knocked back, so the time between Guarding and Counterattacking feels quite long.

The second .gif is the beginning of the Roxas fight without using Counterguard.

Here Sora uses a Slide Dash instead of Counterguard. This is because he is on medium distance and no counter guard is equipped, so either Slide Dash or Flash Step are used instead.
It feels a little bit faster, because you are immediately dashing towards the enemy and slicing away his health. (If Sora would be a little bit closer to Roxas, then he would use Flash Step instead.)

Damage Difference:

I fought against Data Roxas, who has - according to my research - 3168 HP. One time I had Counterguard equipped, one time I didn't.
I tested this with a Lvl.99 Sora who has 81 Strength, 62 Magic and Decisive Pumpkin equipped. I had one Combo Boost equipped, but no Combo Plus / Air Combo Plus.
I did a whole Combo on him, with 2 Default Hits and 2 Finishers.
'With Counterguard' I blocked his initial attack, then: Counterguard -> Flash Step -> Guard Break -> Explosion
'Without Counterguard' I blocked his initial attack, then: Flash Step -> Slapshot -> Guard Break -> Explosion

Roxas' HP afterwards:
With Counterguard: 2925 HP
Without Counterguard: 2890 HP

Picture for Visual Comparison:

GIFs for Comparison:


Counterguard has a quick reaction time, but a low damage output. It's great to quickly stun enemys and go at them with barely any down-time, but it's bad for Speedruns or Quick Fights that need constant, high DPS.