A simple jQuery powered image gallery

Live version: gallery.html

This is a dynamic image viewer that displays images from a webfolder in small divs.
It only loads images that are visible on screen, which makes it use less bandwidth than loading all images at each visit.
It grabs the index page of a folder (via apache directory listing or nginx autoindex) and displays the images in 200x200 divs.
It only loads the pictures of the squares that are visible on screen.
Images are clickable, showing the full image in a new tab.

I wrote this because I hate all those chunky web-gallery libraries that need 5 different javascript files and are outdated.
This is a simple example that can easily be used anywhere without much ressource usage.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the pictures used.
The pictures are from rin_cosplay aka. smoettii.
Twitter: @smoetti and Instagram: smoettii