A minimalistic comic-reader

Live version: selector.html

This is a web-based comic reader which doesn't use any backend. It's simple and can be used easily on any webserver that supports Directory Listing or Autoindex.
This is not supposed to be a fully-fledged webhost for Manga and Comics, and more just a small and quick solution for reading your manga backup on a phone or other machine.
It grabs the list of comics from a directory on the webserver and displays the first image of the first chapter via GET requests to the folders.
Folder structure is as follows:

+ - selector.html
+ - reader.html
+ - manga/
  + - Bleach/
    + - Ch.001/
      + - Image01.png
      + - Image02.png
    + - Ch.002/
      + - Image01.png
  + - Naruto/

You have to enable the "Index" option (Options Indexes for apache2, autoindex on; for nginx) on your webserver for it to work. This means you have to remove any index file from the folder where the Galleries reside, because the reader needs the directory listing.
This reader exists because most similar web-scripts I have found either need a backend or have way too many Javascript files.
This one is a very simple and quick solution that can easily be hosted on any webserver and works for IOS, Android and even Kindle eReaders!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the pictures in the live version, the Mangas used there are only examples to show the usage of this page.
Credits for Itoshi No Karin: Inko Horiizumi, Credits for Horimiya: Daisuke Hagiwara and HERO.